As a GSA approved vendor, AMAX is proud to offer our online GSA IT Schedule 70 catalog to our government customers in a streamlined process to procure the most reliable and best quality storage servers and rackmount server solutions.

AMAX works closely with our public sector customers to create the most flexible, cost-effective solutions to satisfy the most customized computing requirements. Our dedicated team has mastered all the regulations required to provide you with a comprehensive portfolio of systems, services, and support - no matter how customized your IT infrastructure, or how specialized your purchasing requirements.

GSA Storage Solutions

Storage should never compromise your productivity, efficiency or effectiveness and the StorMax storage solutions from AMAX offer the highest capacity, reliability and scalability available on the market.

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GSA Servers

The AMAX ServMax enterprise class server series integrate massive parallel processing, workload optimization features and analytics to deliver the most power and features to support demanding network infrastructures.

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GSA Clusters

When the most powerful computing power is mission-critical, the AMAX ClusterMax high performance computing (HPC) solutions empower federal and state agencies to achieve scalability, solve complex computing challenges and accelerate.

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GSA GPU Computing

The AMAX GPU computing solutions utilize GPU parallel processing power to scale to thousands of processor cores, accelerating performance to solve the most complex computationally-intensive problems.

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