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Bringing analytics to Big Data.

The amount of data in our world is exploding, and analyzing large data sets, otherwise known as Big Data, is quickly becoming a key foundation of competition, laying the groundwork for new waves of productivity, growth, and innovation. Hadoop is a framework for building and deploying data storage and data analysis systems using large distributed clusters, and is the ideal solution for large amounts of data that can be efficiently and effectively managed and analyzed.

PHAT-Data™ Peta-Scale Hadoop Analytics
Acceleration Technology

AMAX's award-winning PHAT-Data™ (Peta-Scale Hadoop Analytics Technology) is a total turnkey Hadoop cluster compatible with all Hadoop distributions (Cloudera, Hortonworks, IDH, etc) and features best-in-class performance and efficiency. Using an optimized configuration including proprietary data accelerators, PHAT Data is capable of completing a 500GB Terasort in 12 minutes and 1TB Terasort in 24 minutes using only 3 nodes.

PHAT Data also showed the ability to process the same workload using only a fraction of storage requirements:

Compared to standard Hadoop clusters, PHAT Data has tested at 40% better performance than Hadoop clusters of similar size, or can achieve the same performance using 30% fewer nodes or 50% fewer hard drives, drastically reducing the total cost and footprint required to run and scale big data analytics. Because Hadoop inherently is not a one size fits all, AMAX architects design all PHAT-Data™ deployments towards specific and unique datacenter environments and/or project requirements to ensure optimization and maximum scalability and efficiency. AMAX engineers work directly with clients to evaluate specific project parameters including datacenter infrastructure, scale projection, workload, applications, onsite installation and support requirements to develop an optimal configuration design and project proposal with a full menu of installation and global support options.

Whether adding to existing infrastructure or developing a PoC, PHAT-Data™ can be easily plugged into existing infrastructure or delivered fully loaded and validated with the Hadoop distribution of choice. Simply turn on the power and you are ready to go. PHAT Data—the simple solution to complex problems.

PHAT-Data™ – A Comprehensive Package.

Performance Tuned.
Big Data solutions using Hadoop consist of an ensemble of tools which require precise tuning and configuration for optimum efficiency and maximum performance. In fact, there are over 14 separate components of Hadoop! For example, a Hadoop based database utilizes HBase - a real-time database which can use compression to minimize network overhead - which requires specific tuning to extract the full potential. AMAX takes the time and works with you to understand your application requirements and tunes each turnkey PHAT-Data™ cluster so that all of the guesswork is taken out of the equation.

Open Architecture.

Hadoop, by its very nature, is built around the concept of commodity hardware, and PHAT-Data™ epitomizes this very vision. As a part of our commitment to an open architecture design philosophy, PHAT-Data™ does not include any proprietary components and features only the best-of-breed off-the-shelf components for simple and cost-effective maintenance. The entire solution offers 100% compatibility with Java-based MapReduce applications, support for heterogeneous environments and open standards right out of the box.

Streamlined Deployment.

At the heart of PHAT-Data™ is the Intel® Manager which can automatically install, configure, and optimize nodes across the Hadoop framework and provides a unified web console to make configuration changes as needed. PHAT-Data intelligently locates server nodes within a specific network and configures Hadoop software components on selected nodes. Using a wizard-based interface, the Hadoop administrator can deploy the Hadoop framework across all nodes, assign access roles, and optimized configuration settings for each role. PHAT-Data also provides extensive monitoring, management, and diagnostics capabilities enabling system administrators with a configurable dashboard to monitor key processing, memory, network and storage utilization metrics and obtain deeper insight into the health of cluster components such as data nodes, the distributed file system, MapReduce jobs, and Java Virtual Machine.

Production Environment Ready.

Your data is precious. Losing a single bit or byte could be disastrous. This is why each and every component selected for use in PHAT-Data™ passes through AMAX's stringent 5 stage quality test which includes individual component tests as well as a complete system integration test. Our engineers will configure the cluster to your network environment for a simple plug-and-play installation. Our ISO:9001 certified, clean manufacturing facility and over 3 decades of engineering expertise guarantees utmost care at every level of the build. In addition, PHAT-Data employs multi-level secure authentication and authorization using Kerberos encryption technology and built-in access control rules so system administrators can secure access to the data.

Bringing Analytics to Big Data.

Hadoop is highly efficient and typically used for Advanced Analytics and/or Data Processing. The industry you’re in and the application you’re running will determine how you use Hadoop and how our engineers configure and tune PHAT-Data™ for you. Ultimately, you need a way to capture, store, search, analyze, visualize and share your data. PHAT-Data™ enables your data with a flexible, scalable, cost-effective solution for Hadoop.

Hadoop Professional Services.

As early adopters of and experts on Hadoop, AMAX can help you install, configure, optimize, tune and run Hadoop for large-scale data processing and analysis. Successfully deploying a Hadoop environment is not one size fits all and requires tuning for specific data analytics programs, data types, sets and scalability. AMAX understands this and is able to leverage the flexibility of design and engineering expertise to deliver truly optimized, end-to-end Hadoop platforms. AMAX’s Hadoop Solution Architects provide guidance and hands-on expertise for Hadoop deployments, including:

Infrastructure Assessment &Hadoop Deployment

Deploying a new Hadoop cluster requires configuring it to enterprise-class standards and preparing it for a production environment. AMAX can help by conducting an initial application and infrastructure assessment, which includes power, cooling, networking, data structure, and existing database type. In addition, we analyze the data to determine the optimal processor Coreto RAM to Disk ratio, node and rack-level analysis, and functional verification to eliminate any potential performance or availability bottlenecks. Our team is specifically designed for setting up a high performance, tuned and tested Hadoop clusters that are ready for production.

Having deployed dozens of clusters ranging from tens to hundreds of nodes, AMAX’s HPC & Enterprise Solutions Architects are experienced at configuring various complex network architectures and building open architecture x86-based systems. All AMAX PHAT-Data™ deployments include full documentation of requirements, configurations, and power consumption in BTUs/hr, as well as benchmarking and process to maintain and operate the cluster. You can install the cluster yourself or let AMAX’s team of engineers deploy with on-site installation for you.

Production Pilots

AMAX’s expert guidance can help you deploy a production pilot cluster using Hadoop. Starting with your Hadoop cluster and use cases, AMAX provides a fully-documented, benchmarked, and production-ready system that includes full documentation of the process and detailed procedures for ongoing cluster maintenance and operations. A proper Hadoop deployment requires understanding of scope, cluster setup and deep knowledge of the Hadoop ecosystem. AMAX will benchmark and fine-tune your cluster to prove the prototype functionality and overall feasibility of your project.

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