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AMAX made our dream come true. We had a dream of deploying hundreds of servers in a matter of days. Somewhere at the end of June, we handed a piece of paper to AMAX and said make it happen. August 31st, two months later, we had 21 racks with hundreds of servers humming away all over the world in all of our datacenters. Whatever PubMatic needs AMAX delivers! The amount of credit, respect and gratitude from all of us at PubMatic is tremendous. Thank you all!

- Udy Gold, Sr. Director Data Centers Operation & IT, PubMatic
AMAX workstations are designed and optimized for demanding industry applications, such as 3D design, content creation, financial, scientific and visual simulation, and broadcast and production. Our systems are optimized to create and rapidly process high volume 3D film effects, real-time computer animation, visually realistic characters, layered mechanical assembly diagrams, stunning architectural renderings, cool game design elements, and much more. AMAX also designs our workstations to provide the most quiet computing environment, balancing performance and acoustics for specific applications.
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