Data is growing and expanding at an exponential rate. Shouldnt your processing power keep pace? Whether its Deep Learning development, real-time data and media processing, or scientific research driven by HPC, modern developers need the ability to process large data sets and quickly leverage critical information into actionable insights. That is where GPU-acceleration can help your company capitalize on the data explosion, processing large or compute-intensive workloads without increasing the power budget or physical footprint of your data center.

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The NVIDIA Tesla architecture is a massively parallel platform that utilizes high-performance GPU cards and advanced interconnect technologies to accelerate time-to-insight. And now, like never before, you can customize an NVIDIA GPU solution that fits your precise use case or application needs. With NVIDIA Tesla K80, M40, M60, M4 and M6 cards available, upgrade your platform with the purpose-built GPU technology that will power your data center for years to come. Contact AMAX to learn more about this exciting new offer today.

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For a limited time offer, AMAX is offering special discounts on qualified AMAX ServMax & ClusterMax GPU systems for academic institutes & universities recognized as members of NVIDIA's CUDA Centers of Excellence Program. To learn more about this promotion and if you are qualified, please contact us at
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There are over a hundred GPU-accelerated applications and the list is continuously growing.

"The AMAX SuperG GPGPU cluster allows national labs like Argonne to take full advantage of the game-changing benefits of GPU computing, enabling them to achieve results much faster than ever before, and allowing them to pursue new, more complex research projects that otherwise would have been impossible."

- Sumit Gupta, Senior Director of the Tesla Business, NVIDIA

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